18 June 2016

Flashback Friday: The telephone according to 'The Student's Business Methods and the Commercial Correspondence

Telephone-operatorWhen I think of what early telephone use was like I imagine listening to Ernestine saying:
‘a ring a ding and dingy’
Busting that myth is today’s Flashback the 10th edition of ‘The Student’s Business Methods and Commercial Correspondence’ published in 1920.
The book provides an extensive overview of everything from accepting money from clients (remember state notes are strictly prohibited!) to the telephone. Dedicating an entire chapter to the telephone the  book assumes no prior knowledge:
“The telephone is an instrument for transmitting speech by means of electricity, the most recent type admitting of the receiver and transmitter being taken into the hand, so that the receiver may be held to the ear and the transmitter placed beneath the mouth, with equal convenience” page 84
Enjoy the below extract from the text.

By Alex Cato, Web and Social Media Coordinator

Published: 7 February 2014