19 June 2016

Throwback Thursday - What knowledge Management was talking about in 2000

We entered a new millennium, survived the Y2K, the Tate Gallery opened in London, everyone is playing on their Playstation 2’s that got released in March and although the event didn’t happen till September Sydney was already rife with Olympic fever.
This weeks Throwback Thursday we revisit May 2000 and Volume 3 Issue 8 of Knowledge Management.
Like with last weeks Throwback many of the same challenges in the knowledge management industry continue to face the industry 14 years on. Just how much is the same is encapsulated in the summary of David Snowden and James Lukes article. The Knowledge Salient – Intelligence & Information warfare in an age of uncertainty:
“In the Information Age, the amount of data available, together with the increasing sophistication of analysis techniques, provides both threat and opportunity for commercial organisations.”
For those looking to see the commonalities between now and 14 years ago the complete article is available here.

Alex Cato
Research Librarian and ALLA NSW Social Media Co-ordinator