25 June 2016

IALL is now accepting Bursary applications for IALL 2016 in Oxford

Applications for financial assistance to enable law librarians to attend IALL’s 35th Annual Course in Oxford in the UK from Sunday 31st July to Wednesday 3rd August 2016 are now being accepted.

To apply for a Regular Bursary or a Members-Only Bursary, you must use the online application forms found athttp://iall.org/scholarship-information/. All applications and accompanying documentation must be in English.


The application deadline is Sunday 1st May 2016.


Information and selection guidelines for both Regular Bursaries and Members-Only Bursaries are available athttp://iall.org/scholarship-information/.

Please contact David Gee, Chair of the IALL Scholarships Committee if you have questions.

Published: 10 March 2016